Easterton Country Fete

Aims & Objectives
Easterton Country Fete's philosphy on running this community event can be seen below:
The aim of Easterton Country Fête is to bring the community together to enjoy, socialise and have a fun day out for all.
1) To bring together the local community.
2) To involve local people with events in order to improve the area (buildings/landscape etc.).
3) To increase the amount of volunteers in order to continue these events and bring everyone together.
4) To allocate any profits to local causes and organisations which will benefit Easterton and its community.
5) To make sure the Fête continues to run in future years.
6) To form a Committee of a minimum of 5 members with a majority quorum. Committee Responsibilities
To further these aims and objectives, the committee shall have power to:
(a) Obtain, collect and receive money or funds by way of contributions, donations, grants and any other lawful method towards the aims of the Fête.
(b) Associate local authorities, voluntary organisations and the residents of Easterton in a common effort to carry out the aims of the Fête.
(c) Do all such lawful things as will further the aims of the Fête.
(d) To publicise and promote the Fête.
(e) Organise and attend meetings.
(f) Ensure there is full public liability insurance.
(g) Employ staff, where necessary due to lack of volunteers.
(h) Organise the Fête and other events, where it is deemed fit to do so.
To see the allocation of any profits made to local causes & organisations that have benefited Easterton and its community, please click here: Grants